• The TO BE THE BEST series is proud to announce Young Readers Editions of all three books in the series.
  • These books are written for pre-teen readers, predominantly fourth through sixth graders.
  • The Young Readers Editions stay true to the original storyline while adjusting some sections which may be too advanced or intense for younger readers and softening certain wording choices. HH Castle-Mac Publishing encourages parents to read our books before their children do in order to ensure that the subject matter is appropriate for the age and maturity level of the child reader.
  • The TO BE THE BEST Young Readers Edition is available now
  • Over 95% of readers who purchased REMATCH this past year also purchased OVERTIME. Thus, for the Young Readers Edition, we have made it more economical for buyers by consolidating both books into a single volume.
  • As an added bonus, this volume also includes the TO BE THE BEST : PREQUEL series published monthly in Wrestling Inside Newsmagazine (WIN) and USA Wrestler Magazine beginning in 2017


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